Finding Relief from Menopause Symptoms

shutterstock_181675280smallerHormone replacement therapy used to be the standard treatment for menopausal women until about a decade ago, when the dangers were first publicized. Hormone therapy can potentially cause more harm than good because it increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, breast cancer and blood clots. Many find these risks are not worth the benefits, and this is why natural remedies been growing in popularity among health professionals and the general public as a safer alternative to hormone therapy.

There are many different natural remedies for menopausal symptoms and while having choice is good, it might feel a little overwhelming when it comes time to actually choose one that is right for you. Each has slightly different indications and each will work in a different way in your body. Let’s take a look at the most trusted and widely used natural remedies in use today.

wild yamWILD YAM
Starting in the 1700’s, wild yam was used to treat issues relating to childbirth and cramps. Later in the 1950’s scientists found that wild yam roots contain diosgenin which is a plant based estrogen that could be converted into progesterone. It’s interesting to note that diosgenin was an ingredient used to make the first available birth control pills in the 1960’s. Now synthetic hormones are used in place of the plant based diosgenin.

Wild yam is considered an “antispasmodic”, which means it is helpful for relieving pain, inflammation, and relaxing muscles. It is used for both premenstrual and menopausal problems. Wild yam is most effective when applied as a cream on the skin. Some practitioners believe that it works by causing the production of natural progesterone in a woman’s body. It has provided countless women with relief from hot flashes, insomnia, cramps, dryness and headaches. In addition to these benefits it also contains antioxidants!

Capsaicin is the ingredient that makes hot peppers so – hot! You know if you have ever eaten a hot pepper what the effects are. You experience a warm sensation and maybe your nose begins to run. This is because capsaicin is a vasodilator, which is just a fancy way of saying it opens up your blood vessels and increases circulation of blood and oxygen throughout the body, and it also releases congestion caused by inflammation.

How can this help with menopause? One major complaint of menopausal women is pain associated with inflammation. Capsaicin is a wonderful pain reliever in this regard. It is used for all kinds of pain but many menopausal women have found relief from their specific pain with capsaicin. Capsaicin has been used since ancient times in Asian and Indian cultures for this same reason, so it’s benefits have have been well known for centuries.

Pulsatilla has been in favor since 500BC when the Greeks began utilizing it. A track record of 2,500 years of use is quite an achievement! It is one of the only remedies that women can use from their teenage years through menopause to help alleviate hormonal balance issues. Pulsatilla is thought to regulate high estrogen metabolism with progesterone imbalance and it is especially helpful for women who are experiencing mood swings, but it is also helpful for balancing hormones, hot flashes, night sweats and headaches. It also very safe to use, with no known drug interactions.

black cohoshBLACK COHOSH
Native Americans first discovered the power of black cohosh hundreds of years ago and introduced it to the European colonists. They discovered that the root of the plant offered relief from menstrual cramps and also the myriad of symptoms related to menopause such as hot flashes, dryness, mood swings and trouble sleeping. Fast forward to the 1950’s and black cohosh was being used widely in Europe for women’s health issues, and it is still approved in Germany for both premenstrual discomfort and for the symptoms of menopause. However, as seems to be the case so often, Americans were not aware of the benefits of black cohosh until more recently, but now it has caught on in a big way. The popularity seems to be increasing as more scientific studies are done.

The medical research studies that have been conducted on black cohosh have had optimistic and encouraging outcomes, and even more studies are being planned to dig deeper. What is indisputable is that many people have found relief with black cohosh and the side effects have been shown to be minimal. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recognizes the use of black cohosh as a legitimate treatment option for women and because traditional medicine has embraced this herb, the floodgates are open as more and more people use it every day.

Which one should I try first?
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