Winter Eczema

shutterstock_231620257(1)NATURAL HEALTH MATTERS with Dr. Laurell

Dry winter conditions can cause irritated skin conditions to flare up. I have even seen cases of eczema appear for the first time during the winter. What seems to be normal dry skin can start to itch and then turn red and scaly. No, you are not becoming the red dragon from Game of Thrones; it is just eczema or another one of the related skin conditions.

This is when you need a more powerful product than your average lotion. That is why we formulated Peaceful Mountain’s™ Eczema Rescue® with a targeted blend of active homeopathic ingredients and a soothing, moisturizing base. Powerful homeopathic components were chosen to address issues including itching, burning, and even chapped and cracked skin.

In addition to using our Eczema Rescue®, take care of your skin by staying hydrated and getting adequate fat in your diet. Look for ways to moisturize from within. Water is our ultimate moisturizer so make sure your whole body has enough, including your skin. If you don’t have to go to the bathroom every few hours, you are probably not drinking enough water.

Even though fat used to be considered a dietary no-no, we are now starting to understand why it is important to have a balanced amount of fat in our diet.  Having adequate healthy fats in the diet might help hold moisture in our skin. Additionally, some people with the worst skin issues need to emphasize particular fats like the Omega-3 fatty acids in fish or flax oil.

So remember, winter is coming but miserable skin conditions don’t have to accompany it.

Dr. Laurell Matthews, ND has a bachelor’s in biochemistry and received her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University.