The Case of the Blue Man

Have you heard of the ‘Blue Mmen-311308_1280 usean’?  The ‘Blue Man’ was a gentleman named Paul Karason whose skin turned an unnatural shade of blue, presumably because he used colloidal silver.  The condition is called argyria.   He made quite a splash in the media around 2008 when he appeared on many television shows to be interviewed.  These television interviews gave the impression to the general public not familiar with silver that colloidal silver was dangerous in any amount, and should be avoided.

What was not brought to light in these interviews was that Paul Karason was making his own silver at home using less than safe methods, and consuming vast quantities of it (at least 10 ounces a day by his own admission) and also rubbing it on his skin!   Taking anything in excess is never a good idea and can have negative repercussions.   I have my own personal experience with this; when my son was a toddler he really liked carrots (to the exclusion of all other vegetables), and he ate so many carrots, his skin turned orange!  Luckily, this was not a permanent condition, but it illustrates the point that even carrots (which are healthy), if consumed in higher than recommended quantities can have negative results.

The tragic part of this story is that silver has helped the vast majority of people who have used it.  The truth is that in over 150 years since records have been kept, there have only been a few reported cases of argyria.   When you think of all the millions of people who have used silver, the few cases of harm (that were likely due to improper use) are negligible.  Silver has been used for thousands of years safely, and yet because of one isolated case, many people wrongly have a negative perception of silver.  

If silver were a legitimate danger, you would be seeing ‘blue people’ all over the place and it would be banned by our government.   But neither is the case.   In fact, our line of silver products is quite popular among our customers.    We carry Stomach Rescue® for all manner of stomach ailments, Throat Rescue® for sore throats and of course, Ionic Colloidal Silver liquid to boost your immunity.    We also have a topical, Silver GelAll of them are safe and effective to use.   If you have any questions about our line of silver products please don’t hesitate to call or send an email.   We love helping to educate consumers about our products.

Jana Taylor Jana Taylor is a staff writer for Peaceful Mountain.