Frugal Friday!

Our pain sprays are a blend of supporting herbal remedies in a homeopathic topical spray. A natural milk derivative acts as an enabler for these homeopathic components to quickly penetrate to the inflammation site, which may enhance safe and effective pain relief. Let us help you kick the aggravation of pain to the curb! Just a few sprays from our pain sprays and you may experience temporary relief from pain due to inflammation. This weekend you can take 15% off all three of our pain sprays.

    Joint Pain & Stiffness Relief 1 oz.

    $19.95 $16.96

    Muscle/Tendon Pain & Stress Relief 1 oz.

    $19.95 $16.96

    Shingles Pain Relief 1 oz.

    $19.95 $16.96

**Offer cannot be combined with other sales or coupons**

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