Should you really take Vitamin C for colds?

Meet the author:  Ian Spohn, ND, is a staff naturopathic doctor who enjoys challenging the dogmas of both conventional and alternative medicine. He is a passionate supporter of the paleo diet and classical homeopathy.   Taking Vitamin C remains a popular treatment for the common cold, yet strangely many health websites discourage you from doing […]

Winter acne is a real thing

Snowflakes, boots, hot cocoa, and … zits?  Yep.  Sounds like winter acne.  Acne is not just a summer thing for some people.    According to Dr. Laurell Matthews, there are several variables to blame:  “It is essential to stay well hydrated in the wintertime. Winter dry air can dry out the skin. Then the skin overcompensates […]

Homeopathy Still at Risk

You may have been hearing about new proposed rules for homeopathy put out by the FDA. We were glad that the previous conceptually flawed and poorly worded rules (called “guidance” by the FDA) were withdrawn recently.

In their place the FDA proposed a revised guidance. This revised guidance has some helpful changes and some detrimental ones. Unfortunately, the detrimental ones are very detrimental, and we must now pressure the FDA to revise this guidance considerably. We can do that by getting a very large number of people to ask for an extension while commenting on this new draft.

Your Action Needed To Help Homeopathy

We need your help to encourage the FDA to have a meaningful meeting with a bi-partisan Congressional delegation that wants to carry our message on homeopathy to the agency. This delegation was formed when more than 45,000 of you sent messages supporting an amendment that would have helped to protect homeopathy from the FDA’s misguided […]

New Product: Bite, Bump and Rash Relief™

I love the outdoors, but it can sure make me itch. While hunting for the first morel mushrooms of the spring, I have already encountered some of the outdoor culprits that irritate my sensitive skin. But these are not enough to keep me away from outdoor activities, so I keep Bite, Bump and Rash Relief […]

Why does menthol make us feel better?

Have you ever noticed that sports rubs (like Muscle Ice®) with menthol in them have always been a popular choice for aches and pains?  The cooling effect from menthol is uniquely soothing. I like to think of menthol as the polar opposite of capsaicin, the ingredient that makes peppers so hot.  Menthol doesn’t actually change […]

Homeopathy Needs Your Help

Americans for Homeopathy Choice (AFHC) is leading this effort and has coordinated a large number of consumers and organizations which is strengthening the voice of the U.S. homeopathy community.

The skeptics were wrong

I don’t need to convince you that homeopathic medicines are effective; after all, you have been using them with great success which is why you have come to rely on our products.  But still, doesn’t it bug you when detractors say that homeopathics are useless because they are diluted down to nothing?   Your own experience […]

Are you in the 90 percent?

Do you suffer from cold sores?  You are in good company.  It is thought that about 90 percent of all people will get at least one cold sore in their lifetime because they have the herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) in their system.  Why some people get them more often than others is not […]

Muscle Ice® and Arnica Plus®, the one-two punch for pain

You may have used Muscle Ice® or Arnica Plus® for muscle aches and pains, but have you tried using them together?   It’s true that both products can be used to ease muscle pain, but they work in complementary ways that are worth noting. Muscle Ice works rapidly to provide a quick feeling of relief.   This […]

8 Step Plan for Winter Eczema

Be ready with this 8 step plan to combat ‘winter eczema’! Step 1 – Moisturize daily Moisturize your skin in the morning and again in the late afternoon or evening.   Choose moisturizers that lock in moisture longer. Step 2 – Use a humidifier Make sure you keep the humidity in your house over 40% and maintain […]

Offices Closed for the Holidays

This year during the holiday season, Peaceful Mountain will be giving their employees a little extra time off to be with their friends and families. Peaceful Mountain will be closed from December 24th through December 28th, open again on December 31st, closed for January 1st, and then open again on our usual Monday through Friday […]

Yoga styles to suit you: Finding a slower pace

You may have realized there is more than one “style” of yoga, but maybe you didn’t realize there are actually dozens!  Just like ice cream, there is a flavor for everyone, and the possibilities are almost endless.   But what about yoga styles that are slower paced and a little less rigorous for beginners, people who […]

Hacks for staying warmer in cold weather

Most people I know do not like the frigid temperatures that winter brings.  We want to cling to fall for as long as possible, but when those first snowflakes fall and temperatures plunge below zero, we know that inevitably winter has arrived and is going nowhere until spring thaws us out again with its warm […]

Moving away from depression

Depression is characterized by withdrawal, inactivity, dullness, and feelings of helplessness.  You may not realize it, but bouts of depression and “clinical” depression feel the same and are only differentiated by the amount of days a person is depressed.  Clinical depression is typically diagnosed when feelings persist daily for at least two weeks.  Depression affects […]

50 Things You Can Do for Your Mom for Mother’s Day

Fix things in her house that she wouldn’t otherwise be able to fix herself. Do her yard work. Wash her car. Make her dinner or take her out for dinner – be sure to get reservations! Get everyone to come home for a visit. Send flowers. Make a photo album for her. Give her a […]

Potential pitfalls when you are communing with nature

Any time is the right the time to venture out to the great outdoors and commune with Mother Nature.  But even the most avid nature lover can run into some unexpected trouble when away from home, whether it be running into poisonous plants, getting stung or bit by insects, or even sustaining unexpected minor injuries.   […]

Little known facts about menopause and hot flashes

Men can experience hot flashes. It’s true!  Though much rarer, men who have low testosterone and men with prostate or testicular cancer can experience hot flashes. For the average woman, hot flashes will last 4 years. But many women can have them for up to 14 years. Some women as young as 20 can go […]

The Shingles Diet

Just One Drop – The Story Behind the Homeopathy Controversy

Just One Drop – The Story Behind the Homeopathy Controversy. “Just One Drop” tells the little known story behind the homeopathy: the most controversial system of medicine ever invented. Could this be nature’s most potent medicine? From Homeopathy is a specific form of medicine that uses minute doses of a highly diluted substance that stimulates the body […]

Who has time to be sick? Apparently, only people in the U.K.

It’s the start of cold and flu season and for those of us in the labor force, that means the potential to miss work due to an unexpected illness.    It’s interesting to note that although many in the United States have sick days built in as part of their  terms of employment, few people ever […]

Air pollution stresses the whole body

A new study published by the American Heart Association shows there may be a correlation between exposure to air pollution and higher levels of stress hormones.   This may also explain in part why long-term exposure to high pollution levels are associated with heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and a shorter life span.   While air quality levels […]

The Allergy Avalanche

Why does it seem that so many people now have allergies?   Growing up in the rural Midwest, I never encountered anyone with allergies until I met my spouse, who had many.   I admit I was a bit suspicious: it seemed impossible to me that things as innocuous as dust, plants, and pets could cause a […]

Natural Silver

Silver (periodic table symbol Ag) is an element found naturally in earth’s crust.   It’s an amazing metal because it is one of the most thermally and electrically conductive metals, and it has the highest reflectivity of any metal.   Silver also happens to be one of the most useful elements… because you can find it in […]

Natural is better

“Natural is better” seems self-evident, doesn’t it?  We all know eating an apple is better for us than a fruit roll-up, and no one would blink an eye if you said water is better for your body than a can of soda.  And yet, there seems to be a perception among many that over-the-counter (OTC) […]

Swimmers’ Chafe

Chafing is a very common complaint among swimmers.  Although all chafing is caused by friction, there are actually three specific ways that chafing occurs when in and around the water. Skin-on-skin. This one is more common in triathletes, overweight persons or people who are swimming a lot.  It is simply skin on skin friction caused […]

Sugar snap peas, an ideal snack for weight loss

Are you a gardener or just enjoy farm-fresh vegetables?  This year consider adding sugar snap peas to your line up of summer treats.  Peas belong to the legume plant family.  Legumes are plants which produce pods with enclosed seeds.    All peas are rich in protein, low in fat, and very nutritious.    In fact, only lima […]

The three types of muscles

The human body contains over 650 muscles.   They are everywhere and perform many vital jobs like pumping blood through your circulatory system or simply making it possible to walk.   Some muscles you can control and some work involuntarily.  You probably don’t give any of them a second thought, until you overwork one and it becomes […]

Your Amazing Skin

Your skin may be one of the most noticeable things about you, but it is the most underappreciated organ we have.    It’s exposed to the harsh world every day but quietly protects you in ways you may not realize. Your skin acts as the front-line barrier between your insides and the environment, offering you protection […]

How to reduce the negative side effects of drinking

Many people who aren’t regular alcohol drinkers like to imbibe on special holidays or occasions, but the next morning they invariably kick themselves due to the inevitable result of drinking more than planned.   But with a little careful planning and mindfulness, you might be able to reduce or eliminate the negative side effects of drinking. […]

Ionic Colloidal Silver is for more than just humans

Ionic Colloidal Silver is used by many people for a whole host of things.   When taken properly, it’s an easy and safe remedy that you can employ at home.  If you have pets, you may have wondered if the same silver you take can be an option for them.  The answer in many cases is […]

Introducing two new products

I am excited to share our news with you about two new Peaceful Mountain gels that we’ve added to the product line-up. Back, Neck and Sciatic Rescue™ is a special topical gel which contains powerful homeopathic components specifically chosen to provide temporary relief from minor chronic or occasional back and neck pains, and for minor […]

It’s healthy weight week, but it’s not about dieting!

It’s Healthy Weight Week, so you might assume that you ought to pick the latest diet craze and give it a try.  But that is not what healthy weight week is all about.   Healthy weight week is meant to inspire us to be accepting of where we are right now, and make small but permanent […]

DIY for silver – Is it a good idea?

Silver is becoming quite a popular remedy.   Just search online and you can find people have reported using it for everything from pink eye and sinus infections to burns and cold prevention (and lots of other things in between).  We at Peaceful Mountain® sell four different products in our own Silver line that are all […]

Chafing isn’t just a problem for athletes

Did you know as your skin ages it becomes more prone to dryness and chafing?   This may be especially noticeable in the fall and winter months as the humidity drops.   As people age, skin lessens in elasticity because production of collagen and elastin decline.  Combine that with the loss of sebaceous oil glands (which […]

Theories of homeopathic action

I was privileged to be present for a talk Dr. Laurell Matthews, ND recently gave at Grato Holdings about the theories proposed for how homeopathic medicines work.    Although there are quite a few different theories that have been put forward, she limited her discussion to the two theories she found most compelling. The first is […]

Silver Preparations: The History and Development

Over thousands of years civilizations throughout the world have used silver as a healing agent. Its medical, preservative and restorative powers can be traced as far back as the ancient Greek and Roman Empires. In recent history, silver preparations have been used for treatment and prevention of disease and infection. Consider these interesting facts: Disease-causing […]

The Pervasive use of Parabens

Parabens are preserving agents.   They keep products from growing mold, even when they are kept in conditions that are not ideal.   In short, they prolong shelf life.   And, because they are relatively inexpensive, parabens are used in almost every kind of product all over the world.   They have been in use since the 1930’s and […]

Hot or cold?

Which is better, ice therapy or heat therapy for your aches and pains?  There is so much misunderstanding about which one to use and when that it might be good to review the appropriate time to use an ice pack and when it’s appropriate to use your heating pad. The short answer is that you […]

Zika in Florida

NATURAL HEALTH MATTERS with Dr. Laurell Every year it seems like there is some new nasty virus spreading around the world. I can’t forget the devastation and worry Ebola caused last year. In 2010, the H1N1 strain of influenza led the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to declare a public health emergency. The deadly SARS […]

Add sleep to your workout

If you have a big workout scheduled today you will want Muscle Ice on hand post work out, but after you have eased your sore muscles, have you given thought to post workout sleep?  Athletes definitely need more sleep the night after a particularly strenuous workout.   Sleep experts suggest that everyone needs at least seven […]

Peaceful Mountain’s Summer Giveaway

Have you heard?  Peaceful Mountain is having a summer giveaway contest.   You could win a Travel Rescue® Pack valued at $45 just for registering your email now through August 15th! With summer in full swing having a Travel Rescue® Pack on hand could come in handy.   It includes four of our best selling products in […]

Common drug has been found to shrink brain volume

In a prior blog piece I highlighted the dangers present in taking NSAID’s, and why medical experts are advising against taking that class of over-the-counter (OTC) medication if at all possible.   Now there is another class of common OTC drugs that you should avoid taking, anticholinergics.   Drugs with anticholinergic activity are found in many cold […]

Picking the right pillow

Have you ever suffered from occasional back or neck pain when you first wake up?  After reaching for Back + Neck Rescue®, you may shrug it off assuming you just slept wrong, but have you considered changing your pillow or sleeping position? Your head weighs about 11 pounds.  That’s a lot of stress you are […]

Blemish Free Skin from Within and Without

NATURAL HEALTH MATTERS with Dr. Laurell Our skin can be a reflection of our deeper health, so it is important to nourish ourselves from within to support blemish free skin. Acne prone skin may be an indication that the digestive system or liver are not working properly. For instance with teenage acne, the liver might […]

I smell a problem

Artificial fragrances are in almost everything today, from shampoos to sunscreen and candles to cleaning products.   But growing evidence suggests that these sweet smelling additives are doing more harm than good. When a manufacturer’s label lists “fragrance” or “perfume” in the ingredients section, it does not necessarily mean that it’s a single artificial fragrance added.   […]

The facts you never knew about pimples

Want the low-down on those nasty skin eruptions?  Here’s a list of some acne facts you may not know! Why don’t I get pimples on my hands and feet? Acne happens primarily near the sebaceous glands, which are responsible for producing the oil that can get clogged in pores.  These glands are in areas like […]

This common drug is more dangerous than we knew

The next time you have aches and pains, you should be aware there may be potentially hazardous consequences to taking what used to be thought of as a perfectly safe, and commonly used class of over-the-counter drugs known as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs. Not familiar with NSAIDs?  Perhaps you know them by their more […]

Why I Love Arnica so Much

NATURAL HEALTH MATTERS with Dr. Laurell I tell nearly every parent I meet to keep homeopathic arnica around the house. Arnica is the classic homeopathic remedy for many types of boo-boos. It is used for bruises, sprains, and trauma due to falls. And, of course, kids aren’t the only ones who tend to hurt themselves. […]

The natural ingredients behind Muscle Rescue

With all the talk about potentially harmful synthetic additives in over-the-counter muscle rubs which get absorbed into the body, I wanted to take some time to showcase one of our popular products in the Musculoskeletal line, Muscle Rescue®. Muscle Rescue happens to be one of the cleaner formulas available that can provide temporary relief for […]

Bursitis and Tendonitis, What’s the Difference?

Sometimes you hear people use the terms bursitis and tendonitis interchangeably. Even our product Tendon Rescue® is designed for both ailments interchangeably. Bursitis and tendonitis are actually very similar (both deal with inflammation of soft tissues, and can affect similar areas on the body)… but, they are not exactly the same thing. Bursitis and tendonitis […]

What’s in a name?

Achilles heel.  Carpal tunnel syndrome.  Trigger finger.  Tennis elbow.  Plantar fasciitis.  Swimmer’s shoulder.  You may have heard these terms but not connected them; do you know what they all have in common? These are all names for the phenomenon of tendon pain, or tendinitis. Tendons are cord-like, fibrous tissues surrounded by membranes that attach muscle […]

Is it a Cold Sore or a Canker Sore?

Cold sores are commonly confused with canker sores (and vice versa), but they are definitely not caused by the same thing!   They are easily confused because they both occur around the mouth, and in most cases they manifest similarly and are painful.  Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus, while canker sores are […]

Get rid of chafing once and for all

Chafing is one of those problems that happen to everyone. Whether it occurs on the thighs, under arms, genitals, or anywhere else it is never a welcome situation. So if you want to eliminate chafing from your life, the first step is to understand how and why it happens. The ‘how’ is pretty easy to […]

Walking or Running for Weight Loss?

If you have some weight to lose, you might presume that running will help you shed pounds faster than walking. That has been the conventional wisdom and has also been documented in previous studies. On the other hand, there are other recent studies that show walking is just as good as, if not better than, running […]

Virus of the Year: Zika

NATURAL HEALTH MATTERS with Dr. Laurell Every year it seems like there is some new nasty virus spreading around the world. I can’t forget the devastation and worry Ebola caused last year. In 2010, the H1N1 strain of influenza led the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to declare a public health emergency. The deadly SARS […]

New Homeopathy Survey Released

The first detailed report on homeopathy use in the United States shows that although homeopathy is used by a small segment of the population, those that use it are happy with the results, especially those who also visit a homeopathic practitioner. Furthermore, the study also found that persons who use homeopathy as their primary form […]

The Science Behind Silver

How Ionic Colloidal Silver Works We have long known the antimicrobial benefits of silver1 for health; after all, people have been using various forms of silver for thousands of years with great success. What remained unclear was the mechanism of how silver worked as an antimicrobial. Modern science has only recently begun to understand how […]

The Case of the Blue Man

Have you heard of the ‘Blue Man’?  The ‘Blue Man’ was a gentleman named Paul Karason whose skin turned an unnatural shade of blue, presumably because he used colloidal silver.  The condition is called argyria.   He made quite a splash in the media around 2008 when he appeared on many television shows to be interviewed.  […]

Fight the illness, not the fever

NATURAL HEALTH MATTERS with Dr. Laurell In natural medicine, we try to understand how and why the body is reacting to an illness or condition. Most of the time there is ‘wisdom’ behind the body’s activities when we are sick. Once we understand these actions, we have a better idea of how to support the […]

New Years brings better health

NATURAL HEALTH MATTERS with Dr. Laurell Popular New Year’s resolutions nearly always have something to do with weight loss or healthier lifestyle. It’s understandable, since we get less active when the weather gets cold and there are all of those tempting holiday treats. The New Year is a great time to declare a new start […]

Joint Pain Solutions – Eggshell Membrane

When you have joint soreness, the first thought is to quell the pain you are experiencing with a topical rub such as Joint Rescue®. It may ease the symptoms associated with arthritis and other joint pain issues and let you get back to the normal routine, which is the desired effect – but have you […]

All to Common: Back Pain

NATURAL HEALTH MATTERS with Dr. Laurell Experts estimate that up to 80% of us will have back pain problems at some time during our lives. This is because our backs are particularly vulnerable to pain from injury, overuse, or plain old bad posture. Personally, long drives can leave me aching in the neck and between […]

Winter Eczema

NATURAL HEALTH MATTERS with Dr. Laurell Dry winter conditions can cause irritated skin conditions to flare up. I have even seen cases of eczema appear for the first time during the winter. What seems to be normal dry skin can start to itch and then turn red and scaly. No, you are not becoming the […]

Understanding Parabens

What are parabens? Parabens are a type of synthetically engineered chemical preservative that are used in many cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. They have bactericidal and fungicidal properties, and are in everything from deodorants, shampoos and lotions to makeup, toothpaste and baby products. They can also be used in some cases as food additives. Parabens’ low […]

Doctor’s Advice on Avoiding Colds

NATURAL HEALTH MATTERS with Dr. Laurell These changing seasons are prime times for us to get run down and susceptible to colds and other infections. I don’t know about you, but whenever I start to get sick, my first symptom is often an irritated throat.  So, if I am feeling under the weather and start […]

What’s so Special About Arnica?

What is arnica? Arnica, or more specifically Arnica Montana, is a daisy-like flowering plant that is a member of the sunflower family. This plant is native to Europe but now can be found widely in North America. But what makes it so special is that its medicinal properties have been widely known since the 1500’s […]

5 Ways to Stay Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

NATURAL HEALTH MATTERS with Dr. Laurell Five ways to stay healthy during cold and flu season 1. Get your sleep. Lack of sleep contributes to elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which suppresses the immune system. 2. Watch your stress levels. I know this is easier said than done, but even a little change […]

Halloween and Cold Sores

NATURAL HEALTH MATTERS with Dr. Laurell Did you know that Halloween can increase your chance of getting a cold sore? That’s right. Chocolate contains high levels of arginine, an amino acid that activates the virus that causes cold sores. Other foods that are high in arginine include: grain products, peas, peanuts, seeds, and nuts. This […]

Acne Isn’t all Blackheads or Whiteheads

Acne is not just a problem for teenagers. That is why we have developed Acne Rescue™, because many people of all ages struggle with the unsightly blemishes that can erupt on the face, back, shoulders and chest. Believe it or not, there are actually six different types of pimples, as if one weren’t enough! Whiteheads […]

Dr. Laurell Matthews, ND

Colloidal Silver, Nature’s Antibiotic

What is colloidal silver? Colloidal silver is a way to easily introduce small amounts of mineral silver into the body using a colloid solution. It consists of silver atoms which have been suspended in distilled, purified water. The particles are microscopic and are therefore able to penetrate on a cellular level. There are many choices […]

Our New Peaceful Mountain® Website

From its birth in Boulder, Colorado in 2000 and subsequent move to the Heartland in Iowa in 2010, Peaceful Mountain retains its founding principle of using ingredients provided by nature to create remedies that resonate with the body’s energies. Remedies include the original formulas enhanced for today’s wellness goals with specific homeopathic components added to […]

Use Musculoskeletal Gels with Your Yoga Routine

Our musculoskeletal gels are used by many along with their normal yoga routine.  Here is a great article for 5 yoga poses for de-stressing!

EWG’s Ingredient Database

The Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database is a great resource for ingredient info.  It not only shows you the information on the ingredient and what it’s purpose is but also the risks associated with that specific ingredient, not just it’s ingredient family.  Not only this, they have a great resource guide for knowing what […]