Natural Silver

silverBy Jana Taylor

Silver (periodic table symbol Ag) is an element found naturally in earth’s crust.   It’s an amazing metal because it is one of the most thermally and electrically conductive metals, and it has the highest reflectivity of any metal.   Silver also happens to be one of the most useful elements… because you can find it in everything from coins to electronics.

Some other uses of silver with which you might not be as familiar are water filtration, disinfectants, wound dressings, medical silver coatings and dietary supplements.   These uses are all similar in nature because they are taking advantage of the natural antimicrobial effect that silver possesses.

But believe it or not, using silver in medicine is nothing new.  Up until the 1930’s, doctors used silver to treat infection using topical, oral and injected forms.   However, once penicillin was discovered, doctors moved away from silver and switched to the easy to manufacture (and profitable) penicillin.  Silver faded from the scene.

The reemergence of silver in allopathic medicine began in the 1970s when doctors began to investigate alternative methods of treatment for burn victims.  Of all the things they tried, only colloidal silver was found to be highly germicidal, yet harmless and non-toxic. Subsequent research has shown positive results with a wide array of bacterial, viral and fungal conditions beyond the original scope of burn patients.   Hospitals now regularly use silver to coat the inside of breathing tubes and catheters to reduce the chance of infection.

This is great news for consumers who like a natural approach to health, as you can obtain silver without a prescription.   Ionic Colloidal Silver is completely safe when used according to the directions, and has a wide variety of applications.  You can use it in a vaporizing humidifier during cold and flu season, use it topically on minor burns and wounds and you can use it orally as a support to the immune system.

Jana Taylor Jana Taylor is a staff writer for Peaceful Mountain.