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Homeopathy Still at Risk

You may have been hearing about new proposed rules for homeopathy put out by the FDA. We were glad that the previous conceptually flawed and poorly worded rules (called “guidance” by the FDA) were withdrawn recently.

In their place the FDA proposed a revised guidance. This revised guidance has some helpful changes and some detrimental ones. Unfortunately, the detrimental ones are very detrimental, and we must now pressure the FDA to revise this guidance considerably. We can do that by getting a very large number of people to ask for an extension while commenting on this new draft.

Homeopathy Needs Your Help

Americans for Homeopathy Choice (AFHC) is leading this effort and has coordinated a large number of consumers and organizations which is strengthening the voice of the U.S. homeopathy community.

Offices Closed for the Holidays

This year during the holiday season, Peaceful Mountain will be giving their employees a little extra time off to be with their friends and families. Peaceful Mountain will be closed from December 24th through December 28th, open again on December 31st, closed for January 1st, and then open again on our usual Monday through Friday […]

Just One Drop – The Story Behind the Homeopathy Controversy

Just One Drop – The Story Behind the Homeopathy Controversy. “Just One Drop” tells the little known story behind the homeopathy: the most controversial system of medicine ever invented. Could this be nature’s most potent medicine? From Homeopathy is a specific form of medicine that uses minute doses of a highly diluted substance that stimulates the body […]

Introducing two new products

I am excited to share our news with you about two new Peaceful Mountain gels that we’ve added to the product line-up. Back, Neck and Sciatic Rescue™ is a special topical gel which contains powerful homeopathic components specifically chosen to provide temporary relief from minor chronic or occasional back and neck pains, and for minor […]

Theories of homeopathic action

By Jana Taylor I was privileged to be present for a talk Dr. Laurell Matthews, ND recently gave at Grato Holdings about the theories proposed for how homeopathic medicines work.    Although there are quite a few different theories that have been put forward, she limited her discussion to the two theories she found most compelling. […]

Peaceful Mountain’s Summer Giveaway

Have you heard?  Peaceful Mountain is having a summer giveaway contest.   You could win a Travel Rescue® Pack valued at $45 just for registering your email now through August 15th! With summer in full swing having a Travel Rescue® Pack on hand could come in handy.   It includes four of our best selling products in […]

Common drug has been found to shrink brain volume

By Jana Taylor In a prior blog piece I highlighted the dangers present in taking NSAID’s, and why medical experts are advising against taking that class of over-the-counter (OTC) medication if at all possible.   Now there is another class of common OTC drugs that you should avoid taking, anticholinergics.   Drugs with anticholinergic activity are found […]

This common drug is more dangerous than we knew

By Jana Taylor The next time you have aches and pains, you should be aware there may be potentially hazardous consequences to taking what used to be thought of as a perfectly safe, and commonly used class of over-the-counter drugs known as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs. Not familiar with NSAIDs?  Perhaps you know them […]

New Homeopathy Survey Released

By Jana Taylor The first detailed report on homeopathy use in the United States shows that although homeopathy is used by a small segment of the population, those that use it are happy with the results, especially those who also visit a homeopathic practitioner. Furthermore, the study also found that persons who use homeopathy as […]