Your Action Needed To Help Homeopathy

We need your help to encourage the FDA to have a meaningful meeting with a bi-partisan Congressional delegation that wants to carry our message on homeopathy to the agency. This delegation was formed when more than 45,000 of you sent messages supporting an amendment that would have helped to protect homeopathy from the FDA’s misguided and dangerous Draft Guidance. 

Our task is to pressure the FDA to meet and pay attention to this delegation. The best way to do that is to ask members of the U.S. House and Senate to call the agency and urge FDA officials to meet with the delegation and listen to them carefully.  If we can get 45,000 people or more to contact Congress this time around, we are very confident that our elected officials will indeed convince the FDA to meet with the delegation. That meeting could go a long way in persuading the FDA to change course.

Our colleagues at Alliance for Natural Health have set up a page that allows you to send messages easily to your elected representatives in the House and Senate. You can find that page here.

It takes 10 seconds to send a message. If you want to go the extra mile, CALL your office and share with them this message! Then ask 15 friends to do the same! 

With your help, we are making progress. Every step forward counts. But those steps forward only come when we let Congress and the FDA know that we remain united and strong in conviction and numbers!

With gratitude,
The Peaceful Mountain Team