Introducing two new products

Joint Tendon Back Neck Sciatica RescueI am excited to share our news with you about two new Peaceful Mountain gels that we’ve added to the product line-up.

Back, Neck and Sciatic Rescue™ is a special topical gel which contains powerful homeopathic components specifically chosen to provide temporary relief from minor chronic or occasional back and neck pains, and for minor back pains that extend down the legs.  We have also added herbal ingredients, specifically chosen for their supporting properties.  Last, but certainly not least, a natural milk derivative acts as an enabler for the active ingredients to quickly penetrate to the inflammation.   It’s a very unique formulation, and we’re quite proud to add it to our product family.   This gel has a wide range of applications, which means instead of purchasing three separate products for neck, back, and sciatic needs, you only need to purchase one.

Joint and Tendon Rescue™ contains homeopathic ingredients that may help to temporarily relieve minor pain symptoms associated with most joint conditions as well as damaged or stressed tendons, ligaments, and other soft tissues.    Also found in this innovative gel formula are herbal ingredients that were selected for their specific supporting properties.  A natural milk derivative acts as an enabler for these homeopathics to quickly penetrate to the inflammation site, which may enhance safe and effective pain relief.  As with Back, Neck and Sciatic Rescue, this product is a single remedy for multiple issues.   Instead of buying separate products to handle joint, ligament, tendon and soft tissue problems, you only need Joint and Tendon Rescue.

Both Back, Neck and Sciatic Rescue and Joint and Tendon Rescue are water-based gels that absorb quickly into the skin and are non-greasy.   Peaceful Mountain has a commitment to clean formulas for health conscience people,  so these new products are also perfume, dye, and paraben free.