Hacks for staying warmer in cold weather

By Jana Taylor

Most people I know do not like the frigid temperatures that winter brings.  We want to cling to fall for as long as possible, but when those first snowflakes fall and temperatures plunge below zero, we know that inevitably winter has arrived and is going nowhere until spring thaws us out again with its warm embrace.   I recommend being creative and proactive this year as we dive headlong into this bitterly cold season!  Here are a few tips I’ve collected that may make your days a little bit warmer!

Hot breakfast, automatically:

We all know a hot meal warms us up from the inside out and is a great tip in and of itself, but a hot meal that is ready the second you wake up?  No, I’m not suggesting you hire a personal chef; I’m suggesting you use an automatic coffeemaker with a timer to cook your breakfast.  Yes, it’s true, you can cook instant oatmeal in your coffeepot (also ramen or any other noodle dishes that just require hot water to make).   Just be sure to add your ingredients to the pot and not the filter!

Switch your fan:

Did you know there is a switch on your ceiling fan to change the direction from counterclockwise to clockwise?  Turning your fan to clockwise will push air downward.   Since hot air rises, it will circulate the warmer air trapped at the ceiling down towards you.

Let your bathtub do double duty:

When you bathe (or shower) in the morning, don’t let that hot water go down the drain!  That water is warm and can help heat up the surrounding air, not to mention helping humidify your home, which is crucial in winter.   Humid air may also help avoid sinus infections!  Drain the water after it’s returned to room temperature.

Homemade hand warmers:

Make yourself some reusable hand warmers!  So easy to make, just fill a pouch with rice, microwave for 20 seconds, and you have yourself a hand warmer to stuff in your pockets and keep your digits toasty!  (They make great gifts too!)

Park east:

This one makes perfect sense if you are driving somewhere; make sure to park your car so the front windshield faces due east.  The heat from the sun (assuming you have a sunny day) will heat the car to tolerable temperatures.  No waiting for your car interior to heat up.

Bake your meals:

Take advantage of the extra heat your oven brings by planning more meals that require an oven!   After your meal is cooked and you’ve turned your oven off, leave the oven door open to allow the remaining heat to circulate



Jana Taylor Jana Taylor is a staff writer for Peaceful Mountain.