Chafing isn’t just a problem for athletes

By Jana Taylor

Did you know as your skin ages it becomes more prone to dryness and chafing?   This may be especially noticeable in the fall and winter months as the humidity drops.   As people age, skin lessens in elasticity because production of collagen and elastin decline.  Combine that with the loss of sebaceous oil glands (which help to keep the skin soft) and you have older skin becoming thinner, more delicate and ultimately – drier.

Skin changes begin to occur as young as your mid 20’s, and then continue on throughout your life.   You may not notice your first wrinkle until your 30’s (or 40’s if you are lucky), but skin changes are slowly occurring until one day they become very obvious, and you wonder how it happened seemingly overnight!

If you have been active your whole adult life and never had a chafing issue, but suddenly find it an issue, it could be a normal part of skin aging.    Of course, having said that, we always recommend seeing a doctor if your symptoms seem atypical, as sometimes skin irritation can mean a more serious underlying problem.

What to do about the chafing you experience?  Treatment for you is the same as it is for younger people, be sure to wear comfortable fabrics, keep your skin clean after sweating, have a good diet and stay hydrated and of course use Chafe Rescue® before you are active to prevent chafing, or use after to help sooth it.   You can’t reverse the effects of time, but you can find products to use that make it easier!

Jana Taylor Jana Taylor is a staff writer for Peaceful Mountain.