DIY for silver – Is it a good idea?

Homemade silverBy Jana Taylor

Silver is becoming quite a popular remedy.   Just search online and you can find people have reported using it for everything from pink eye and sinus infections to burns and cold prevention (and lots of other things in between).  We at Peaceful Mountain® sell four different products in our own Silver line that are all quite popular.  With such a broad range of applications it’s no wonder that silver is flying off the shelves.  In addition to all kinds of silver being sold, you can find people selling silver making kits, or even directions on how to make your own silver generators that promise you can make your own silver at home.   But is this a good idea?  I found out that it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  On the surface this seems like it would be a money saver, and who wouldn’t like an endless supply of silver on demand?   But when I dug deeper, the waters got a little murky.

The premise of these kits that you can buy or make yourself is that by taking pure silver and running a direct current through it you can make a suspended silver solution.   Directions on how to set this up vary wildly, however.   Some require two silver coins, others say you need special silver filaments.   Some directions state you need to solder a resistor on one of the leads, some don’t mention that.   Some directions advise you need no more than a 12 volt battery and others recommend no less than 27 volts and sometimes more.  Some will recommend adding salt to the water, and other directions say under no circumstances should you add salt!   As I began to see, there are many contradicting methods for making ‘home brewed’ silver.  Even assuming you are able to decide on a setup and method, there is the matter of timing.   There is no way to tell for sure when your solution is ‘finished’.  Some directions say several hours; some say it is done in 30 minutes. Without sophisticated testing equipment, or a lab to send it to, you will have no way to tell how weak or potent the end result is or if you have consistency between batches.

As it turns out, home brewed silver’s potency is inconsistent from batch to batch even when made under seemingly identical situations.   It has also been determined that homemade silver is generally poor quality because of low silver concentrations and unacceptably large particle sizes that can fall out of suspension.   As we know, the smaller the particle size the better the silver.

Buying silver from a reputable business is the safest way to assure you will get a consistently potent product with a small particle size that won’t fall out of suspension.  Peaceful Mountain’s products are manufactured in an FDA registered and regulated facility, and as such, our silver is routinely tested to assure rigorous standards of quality.  You can rely on the entire Silver line of products to be both safe and effective.

Jana Taylor Jana Taylor is a staff writer for Peaceful Mountain.