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Ionic Colloidal Silver is for more than just humans

Ionic Colloidal Silver is used by many people for a whole host of things.   When taken properly, it’s an easy and safe remedy that you can employ at home.  If you have pets, you may have wondered if the same silver you take can be an option for them.  The answer in many cases is […]

Introducing two new products

I am excited to share our news with you about two new Peaceful Mountain gels that we’ve added to the product line-up. Back, Neck and Sciatic Rescue™ is a special topical gel which contains powerful homeopathic components specifically chosen to provide temporary relief from minor chronic or occasional back and neck pains, and for minor […]

It’s healthy weight week, but it’s not about dieting!

It’s Healthy Weight Week, so you might assume that you ought to pick the latest diet craze and give it a try.  But that is not what healthy weight week is all about.   Healthy weight week is meant to inspire us to be accepting of where we are right now, and make small but permanent […]

Chafing isn’t just a problem for athletes

Did you know as your skin ages it becomes more prone to dryness and chafing?   This may be especially noticeable in the fall and winter months as the humidity drops.   As people age, skin lessens in elasticity because production of collagen and elastin decline.  Combine that with the loss of sebaceous oil glands (which […]

Blemish Free Skin from Within and Without

NATURAL HEALTH MATTERS with Dr. Laurell Our skin can be a reflection of our deeper health, so it is important to nourish ourselves from within to support blemish free skin. Acne prone skin may be an indication that the digestive system or liver are not working properly. For instance with teenage acne, the liver might […]

Why I Love Arnica so Much

NATURAL HEALTH MATTERS with Dr. Laurell I tell nearly every parent I meet to keep homeopathic arnica around the house. Arnica is the classic homeopathic remedy for many types of boo-boos. It is used for bruises, sprains, and trauma due to falls. And, of course, kids aren’t the only ones who tend to hurt themselves. […]

The natural ingredients behind Muscle Rescue

With all the talk about potentially harmful synthetic additives in over-the-counter muscle rubs which get absorbed into the body, I wanted to take some time to showcase one of our popular products in the Musculoskeletal line, Muscle Rescue®. Muscle Rescue happens to be one of the cleaner formulas available that can provide temporary relief for […]

Bursitis and Tendonitis, What’s the Difference?

Sometimes you hear people use the terms bursitis and tendonitis interchangeably. Even our product Tendon Rescue® is designed for both ailments interchangeably. Bursitis and tendonitis are actually very similar (both deal with inflammation of soft tissues, and can affect similar areas on the body)… but, they are not exactly the same thing. Bursitis and tendonitis […]

What’s in a name?

Achilles heel.  Carpal tunnel syndrome.  Trigger finger.  Tennis elbow.  Plantar fasciitis.  Swimmer’s shoulder.  You may have heard these terms but not connected them; do you know what they all have in common? These are all names for the phenomenon of tendon pain, or tendinitis. Tendons are cord-like, fibrous tissues surrounded by membranes that attach muscle […]

Is it a Cold Sore or a Canker Sore?

Cold sores are commonly confused with canker sores (and vice versa), but they are definitely not caused by the same thing!   They are easily confused because they both occur around the mouth, and in most cases they manifest similarly and are painful.  Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus, while canker sores are […]